Our Story

Bhutan Airlines, known as Tashi Air Private Limited, stands as Bhutan's pioneering private airline, having emerged through a competitive process where the Tashi Group of Companies triumphed over other joint venture entities to secure the license for both domestic and international air services.

In 1959, the esteemed Late Dasho Ugen Dorji established the Tashi Group of Companies, guided by the aspiration to showcase the very Best of Bhutan, while steadfastly adhering to His Majesty’s directives for the progress and advancement of the Kingdom.

On December 4, 2011, a momentous occasion unfolded as Bhutan Airlines proudly welcomed its inaugural aircraft, a Pilatus PC12 configured to accommodate 8 passengers, initiating domestic operations. Subsequently, marking its global presence, the airline embarked on its first international flight from Paro to Bangkok on October 10, 2013, and soon after, commenced daily scheduled flights to Kolkata on December 16, 2013. Orchestrating these vital routes is an Airbus A320 aircraft, capable of comfortably seating 150 passengers.

Today, Bhutan Airlines operates with a fleet featuring two A319 aircraft, thoughtfully designed to accommodate 126 passengers. Within this capacity, there are 12 Business Class seats ensuring a premium experience, alongside 114 Economy seats providing a comfortable journey. The airline's services encompass daily flights from Bangkok to Paro via Kolkata, India, as well as three weekly flights to Delhi via Kathmandu.

At Bhutan Airlines, our unwavering commitment is to deliver a travel experience that blends safety and reliability, assuring our esteemed customers of a journey that surpasses expectations. With gratitude for the ongoing support of travelers, we eagerly anticipate that you will continue to embrace the opportunity to soar with us, connecting to the enchanting realm known as the Land of Happiness.