Corporate Profile

Bhutan Airlines, officially known as Tashi Air Pvt. Ltd, embarked on its maiden commercial journey with the Paro - Bangkok route, inaugurated on the 10th of October 2013. This remarkable feat was soon followed by the commencement of daily scheduled flights to Kolkata on the 16th of December 2013.

In the present day, Bhutan Airlines has expanded its scope and service, proudly maintaining a comprehensive schedule of operations. Operating on a weekly basis, the airline orchestrates flights spanning all seven days, connecting Bangkok to Paro via Kolkata, India, ensuring seamless travel between these destinations. Additionally, six flights are meticulously arranged for the Kathmandu route, with the exception of Fridays, which promises both accessibility and convenience for our valued passengers.

Current Fleet: Bhutan Airline Airbus A319

The inception of Bhutan Airlines has been spurred by the burgeoning demand for enhanced comfort among the growing number of individuals traversing to and from Bhutan. This demand, rooted in a quest for heightened comfort, has paved the way for the emergence of Bhutan Airlines. Stepping onto a Bhutan Airlines flight immediately envelops passengers in an authentic Bhutanese ambience, a sensation akin to the feeling of home, even as they traverse the skies.

Our distinguished team comprises four highly experienced Captains alongside Bhutanese cabin crews who have undergone rigorous training to ensure not only your safety but also a level of hospitality that resonates with our unique culture.

Given that tourism is an integral driver of Bhutan's economy, it has become our prerogative to provide tourists with an alternative aviation choice when journeying to this captivating land. Our strategic flight operations, connecting destinations such as Bangkok, Kolkata, Delhi, and Kathmandu, are poised to significantly bolster the realization of the Royal Government of Bhutan's vision for high-value, low-impact/volume tourism. This strategic approach carves a niche for Bhutan as a haven of exclusivity and high-yield experiences.

Recognizing that the cardinal concerns of our passengers encompass efficiency and seamless customer service, both in-flight and at our dedicated customer service desk, the CEO of Bhutan Airlines astutely articulated, "What lies at the core of our commitment is the pursuit of speed and adept customer service – whether experienced onboard or at our service desks."