Benefits of Tashi Miles Membership

Particulars Benefits Tashi Red Tashi Orange Tashi Yellow Tashi Black Remarks
At the Reservation Priority on Walt List X Priority 3 Priority 2 >Priority 1
Walve Off No Show Rebooking Charges X X No Yes 5 Times a Year
Waive off Date Change Charges X X Yes Yes 5 Times a Year
At the Airport Lounge Access X X Yes Yes
Priority Standby X X Priority 2 Priority 1 Subject to availability of seats and priority will be given based on the time of request
Priority Baggage Tag X Yes Yes Yes
Additional Baggage allowance X 10KG 20KG 30KG
Preferred Seating X X Yes Yes
Perferred Boarding X X Yes Yes
Fast Track X X Yes Yes Only at BKK
At the Destination Baggage Delivery Escort X X Yes Yes till the Airport Parking lot