Vacancy Announcement - 1st October 2018

Vacancy Announcement

Tashi Air Private Limited, Bhutan Airlines is pleased to announce the availability of one vacant post of Assistant Flight Dispatcher. Interested Bhutanese Nationals fulfilling the following conditions may apply to Administration and HR Division, located opposite to Taj Tashi, 4th Floor latest by 14/10/2018 during office hours. For further enquiry, please contact telephone No. 334052.


Minimum qualification

Employment Status

No. of slots

Place of Posting


Assistant Flight Dispatcher

Bachelor’s Degree)




Candidate with relevant experience will have added advantage


Detail terms and condition

1. Documents requirement

a. Application form. Can be downloaded from www.bhutanairlines .bt

b. Academic transcripts (Class X, XII, Degree)

c. CID

d.Medical Fitness Certificate

e. Security Clearance Certificate

f. No Objection Certificate from the employer, if employed

g. Relevant work experience certificate, if any

h. Resume/CV

Note:Candidate need not have to submit copy of documents while applying. Instead, produce original documents which will be returned back after instant verification.

Selection Criteria

2. Age: 18 years and above

3. Qualification: Bachelor’s Degree

4. Shortlisting

Only five applicants will be shortlisted on 15/10/2018.Weightage on class XII academic will be 20% aggregate and 80% aggregate on Degree.

Shortlisted candidates will be called for Oral Interview on 22/10/2018. Candidates must bring original documents at the time of interview, without which it will be rejected.

6. Place of posting: Paro International Airport.

Job Description for the post of Assistant Dispatch Officer

Reports to: Head, Flight Dispatch


A Flight Dispatcher, qualified as per Operational Manual, Part-A and BANRs assigned the responsibility of exercising safe and efficient operational control over Bhutan Airlines flights in conjunction with the Pilot-in-Command, on behalf of the Operations Manager.

Responsible for:

Exercising Operational Control and Flight Dispatch System as per Operational Manual, Part-A

  • Exercising operational control on a co-authority basis with the pilot-in-command, and for the joint responsibility of the safe efficient planning and monitoring of a flight.
  • The developing, reviewing, authorizing, issuing and revision, as required, of the Operational Flight Plan for all scheduled and non scheduled flights inclusive of training and test flight operations, in keeping with Safety, Regulatory and Efficiency
  • Analyzing operational conditions and identify any opportunities that may constrain impede or benefit operational capabilities inclusive of, but not limited to weather, facilities, Air Traffic Control, and aircraft performance.
  • Performing Operational Flight Watch and for determining if changes to operational and meteorological conditions may affect the safety of flights within a prescribed area of on assigned routes, and for communicating those changes to the Pilot-in-Command.
  • Formulating and implementing revised Operational Flight Plans when conditions warrant, and for communicating the revised plans to the Pilot-in-Command.
  • Analyzing operational and meteorological conditions to evaluate and determine the safest and most efficient minimum fuel requirement.

.When requested or deemed necessary, to provide the Pilot-in-Command with athoroughand professional flight crew briefing, covering all significant information which may impact the operation of his flight

.Soliciting, interpreting, and maintaining current flight and field condition reports to provide flight crews with the latest operational information.

  • Capturing up-to-date flight progress information of assigned flight movements (Flight Watch) and to ensure that the flight movement information is both current and accurate.
  • Providing Weight and Balance information as may be requested with a flight release, which includes total fuel requirements and aircraft weight limitations that maximizes revenue payload potential while satisfying all Safety standards.
  • Communicating to Air Traffic Control Services all Operational Flight Plan requirements.
  • Initiating Accident Alarm Procedures, and assessing and issuing Flight Incident Category Reports, as required, inclusive of the Corporate notification process and maintaining a written log during the incident
  • Disseminate information to FOM and concerned divisions, problem caused by any aircraft deviation from standard which may limit or impact flight operational capabilities, and to communicate any operational limitations to the Operations Co-ordination and respective units.
  • Apprising Maintenance division, Flight Operation Division, other affected Flight Dispatchers, and PIC(Pilot in Command) of any reported deviations from standard which occur during flight and which could impact down line scheduling integrity
  • During irregular operations, congruent when practical with the Pilot-in-Command and in consultation with FOD implementing flight delayswhen conditions warrant, recommending flight cancellations, and initiating alternative plans
  • Initiating and coordinating airport handling when diversions to off line airports are required
  • Communication with the FOD providing timely analysis of meteorological risk which may reasonably be anticipated to impact local and/or system operations including aircraft on layover.
  • Providing and communicating revised Operational Flight Plans to optimise revenue payload potential while maintaining adequate Safety standards.
  • Administering, managing, and implementing economic fuel policies to maximize corporate profitability, subject to operational constraints and within proper Safety parameters
  • Coordinating all planning aspects of both test and training flights.
  • Ensuring, on day-of-flight, that the Flight Dispatch function performs safe and efficient operational control in accordance with Bhutan DCA and foreign governmental rules and regulations, company flight operating manuals, policies and procedures
  • Liaison with the Head of Flight Dispatch, for the purposes of maintaining dispatch standard operating procedures and all applicable sections of the Company Flight Operations Manual.
  • Operational Flight Plan is exercised jointly by the flight dispatcher and the pilot-in-command of a flight.
  • After the pilot-in-command accepts the Operational Flight Plan, the flight dispatcher and the pilot-in-command share responsibility for Flight Watch. The flight dispatcher and the pilot-in-command shall share pertinent and related flight information, including any proposed changes to the Operational Flight Plan.
  • Once a flight has commenced, the final decision on any changes to the Operational Flight Plan shall be taken by the pilot-in-command based on considerations of safety. For the purpose of operational control systems, a flight is deemed to be "commenced" after brake release for take-off.
  • Limited pilot self-dispatch of flights may be permitted at those en-route stops where a lack of communications facilities prevents the co-authority dispatch of a flight. In such cases, dispatcher shall maintain a folder in aircraft containing ATC flight plan forms, blank journey log, operational flight plan covering intended diversion airports for self-dispatching of aircraft.


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