Flight Schedule for 19th December 2018


Dear all,

The below is the flight schedule for 19th December 2018. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused.

B3 707 BKK-PBH will operate as direct flight. Departure time is 9.00 am and arrival time is 11.10 am

B3 706 PBH-GAY-BKK will operate as per schedule. Departure time is 11.55 am from Paro and arrival time at Gaya is 12.25 pm. Departure from Gaya at 1.05 pm and arrival at Bangkok at 5.35 pm

B3 7010 CCU-PBH Departure from Kolkata at 7.10 am and arrival at Paro 8.50 am (Back log of 18th December B3 701)

B3 773 PBH-KTM-DEL Departure from Paro 9.50 am and arrival at Kathmandu 10.40 am. Departure from Kathmandu 11.20 am and arrival at Delhi at 12.35 pm (back log of 18th December B3 773)

B3 774 DEL-PBH Departure from Delhi 1.35 pm and arrival at Paro 4.15 pm

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